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  • The best tech secrets of 2022: AirTags, TikTok, Twitter, oh my

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    ISSUE 19.52 • 2022-12-26
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    Brian Livingston

    By Brian Livingston

    Amid my efforts to help you protect yourself against some rather aggressive technologies, I’m glad to report that there’s been at least some progress this year on the worst aspects of our “labor-saving” devices.

    Please note: I’m not claiming that my columns by themselves caused any of the changes I describe below. I just report the problems. We can all celebrate when bad tech is improved, whoever may have developed a particular solution.

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  • Microsoft 365: Year in review


    Peter Deegan

    By Peter Deegan

    Let’s take a minute to check the rearview mirror and review what’s happened this year with Microsoft Office. We’ll also peer over the horizon to speculate about 2023.

    There were obvious (and not-so-obvious) changes to Microsoft Office and Microsoft 365. I’ll look at just some of the changes. They might not be the most hyped changes coming from the never-ending road that is Microsoft marketing, and some of them might be overlooked but yet interesting.

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  • Firewall App Blocker — Make the Windows firewall usable


    Deanna McElveen

    By Deanna McElveen

    Microsoft did a pretty decent job when it added an improved software firewall to Windows XP SP2, and it has gotten even better over the years.

    That said, the ease of adding a program to be allowed or blocked by Windows Firewall has not improved much at all.

    But that’s okay. Along with its other great programs, Sordum.org has created Firewall App Blocker.

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  • Finding good security information


    Susan Bradley

    By Susan Bradley

    I do this so you don’t have to.

    And I’ve been doing it for a long time, learning and cultivating sources of knowledge to allow me to make informed decisions about the stability and security of my computing environments, both at home and for my business. The latter has been extremely important to me; as a CPA, I am entrusted with the private financial information from the firm’s clients, which must be dealt with carefully.

    Thus, I have been on a decades-long journey through the landscape of NNTP newsgroups, Listservs, email groups, chat rooms — you name it. Today the available resources are much broader, including all the social networks including YouTube; specialty websites dealing with security, privacy, and operating environments; governmental websites regarding regulation, especially with regard to privacy; and the many personal acquaintances I’ve developed over the years.

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