• 22H2 coming in September?

    Microsoft Build, the online event for Microsoft developers is in the bag and there’s public posts hinting at release dates for 22H2.

    From a hardware compatibility blog post  “Windows 11, version 22H2 based systems may ship with drivers that have achieved compatibility with Windows 11, version 21H2 until Sept 5th, 2022.”

    To me that kinda hints to a time table.  I’m starting to see some of my fellow geeks indicate that they are just now starting to consider rolling out 11 rather than standardizing on 10. I’m still keeping the firm on 10 even on those workstations that can support 11.  Too many people also have computers at home that only support 10 and thus they don’t want a different desktop at home than at the office.

    What about you?  Are you keeping things the same at home and at the office?