• A new feature in the forum

    We quietly rolled out a new feature in the forums and so far it’s being used very successfully!

    If you feel that a response to your question has been answered, you can respond in a comment that your issue was fixed and then choose the tag of “Resolved”.  This will add a new blue tag to the post indicating that a solution has been found.

    I, for one, love it when I can find a solution in a forum and I love it even more if it’s been noted that it works.

    So the next time you come to the Askwoody forums and ask a question, if you got a solution, can you do us a favor?

    Look for the section right above the reply where it says “No Prefix”.  If you got an answer to your question, pull that arrow key down.

    You’ll see it says “RESOLVED”.

    Type in a comment indicating that you got your problem solved, pull that arrow key down to select the RESOLVED prefix and hit submit.

    This will put a blue RESOLVED in the forums so we will all know you found a solution!

    Note you will need to at least be a registered user in order to use this feature.  If you are a mere visitor, you can see the RESOLVED status, but you won’t be able to set a status.

    As always, thanks to all for asking great questions and thanks to all for answering them!