• A thanks to Dads all over the world

    Even if your country doesn’t celebrate Father’s day, here’s to all of you who are Dads. Today is the day in the United States and in the UK that we celebrate Fathers.

    I’m always amazed at my Dad. When my Sister and I were going through school he’d coach us through Algebra, Calculus and even Trig. I look back to how he remembered enough to be a coach and I’m amazed.  Even now he amazes me with how he embraces change and technology – even though he would argue that it was WAY easier to repair cars in the days before everything is now computerized and needs a diagnostic tool to figure out what’s wrong.

    To all of the AskWoody Moderators, Plus members, and readership that are Dads, I hope you had a great Sunday and thank you for all that you’ve done over the years.