• April patching showers here we go

    It’s that time of the month for all computer users to get in the habit of checking their devices.

    While “Patch Tuesday” is the big one for Windows users, it’s also wise to check your Apple devices.  I know that my iPhone has been offering – but not pushing – the latest updates. They too are doing a “let’s dribble them out and see how well they go” methodology these days.

    But back to Microsoft:

    Remember this month they push out “Search highlights will roll out to Windows 10 customers over the next several weeks. We are taking a phased and measured approach. ” in Windows 10.

    I’ll be adding more links as folks post up analysis.  Here at Askwoody we track the side effects and try to weed out what is “corner cases” from those issues that are widespread.

    145 vulnerabilities

    1 publicly disclosed

    10 critical

    .NET security updates are included in the April 2022 updates for denial of service issues.

    Dustin Child’s zero day write up here.  Clearly we have a difference between home users and business computers this year with a bug that will provide lateral movement inside a network once they get in.  Port 135 is a typical file and printer sharing port – but it not exposed to the outside world. But in an office network, once they get in, ouchie!