• Ewaste or usable – week 2

    It’s week 2 of my experiment to see if two computers I have are either e-waste or usable.

    So this week I have decided that trying to make either laptop into a usable and supported Chromebook is not going to happen. Now that Chromebook has bought out Cloudready they have a much more specified listing of hardware they will support.


    Clearly they want me to buy new hardware. So we will be trying next week with a Linux version.

    Now if you want to buy a new Chromebook this is where they have the advantage over other platforms, they are much cheaper. You can get a decent Chromebook for under US$250 and some even less than that.

    If all you want to do is surf the web and read your email online – the Chromebook is a viable option. It does take a pivot to the cloud as it wants your files up there, and you need to accept the privacy issues and risks of a gmail account log in.  But it will be useable for such tasks as telemedicine.

    Now for those of you that need to support people on Chromebooks, this is where it is vastly different than both Windows and Linux platforms. In the case of Windows and Linux you can install remote access tools and be able to remote into it. You can set it up so that you can remote into it even without someone sitting at the laptop and giving you access.

    Chromebooks, however, all of the tools I’m able to have access to, the person asking for help has to approve your access. And then with some tools you have only view access and cannot control the mouse. Chromebooks have their own remote tool, but it’s not quite as exact as others I’ve used.

    So bottom line these two old laptop will NOT be Chromebooks.  Stay tuned until next week when we see what options we have to install Linux.