• Getting rid of a pending download

    So the other day I had a computer that had a pending update that I DIDN’T want to install.  While you can use the tools at Blockapatch to block a pending update, if something has already been downloaded and is ready to install when you reboot, what can you do?

    Plenty.  Remember the Knowledge base section for “how to clear the queue”.

    I like to be even more surgical and I do the following:

    First I click in the search box and type in Services:

    I look for the Windows update services and stop and then turn it to disabled while I do this. You’ll go back in later and reset it to Manual.

    Next open up File Explorer and Find the Windows folder, then find the folder called Software distribution

    I delete all of the folders under this folder. You may need to provide “administrator” approval in order to do this. These folders will all recreate when the Windows update service is turned back on.

    Now go back into Services and turn the Windows update service back to manual

    You can watch a video here about the process.