• Inspired to do a bit of weeding

    I’m a fan of the gardening show “Gardener’s world” and of gardening in general. And with any garden you need to do a bit of weeding and reorganizing.

    Tonight’s post is inspired by AskWoody plus reader who wanted to know if we could set up different areas of the forum for interests such as Windows users, Apple users, Linux and Android and honestly, we do, but because we tend to focus on Windows A LOT that’s what gets the focus. But if you look in the AskWoody support section – see that “non windows” that’s where they are hiding!

    In just a smidge I’m going to be pulling them out so they won’t be all tucked under the AskWoody support subhead of “non windows” rather they will be right below Windows so that they will be way more obvious.

    I’m also going to be a bit of reorganization so that when you go into a section, you’ll need to go into a category to post, rather than generically posting right where you end up.  When we added the new forum skin that has a much more prominent “new topic” button and because the forum sections weren’t originally set up as categories like they should have been, needless to say our garden needs a bit of weeding.

    I also moved down the “AskWoody Central” section a bit more and renamed it to “Frequently asked questions, feedback, suggestions” as that’s more descriptive of what it is.

    You’ll also see that I’m going to be putting “sticky posts” at the top of major sections pointing to the master knowledge base articles. For example I already put the “how to block windows 11” at the top of the Windows 11 forum.

    Gardens were not weeded in a day so you’ll see some of these weeding things take some time. But the Apple and Linux topics for sure will be dug up out of the hidden garden where they are hiding and put in a better more prominent place in the forum.

    Last and certainly not least, we are working on making search better on the site itself and I’ll let you know when that gardening project is done (it’s in the works), but in the meantime remember you can always use advanced search terms in your favorite search engine to make the search engine JUST look at the site.

    I’ve got a video here explaining the process but in general in your search box put in site:askwoody.com

    For example:  Block windows 11 Site:askwoody.com in the search box will narrow down the duckduckgo to JUST this site.


    I moved the Apple and Linux forums out into their own section. I realized we didn’t have a specific Office for Mac category so I’ve added that along with Backup, as with ANY computer you want to back it up.

    If you would like subforums for specific Linux distros, let me know which ones you would like?