• January 2022 patch day is here

    It’s that time of the month again for Windows updates where we all pause, ensure we have a GOOD backup of our machines and that we have deferrals in place in the form of “date deferrals”, or “metered”, or all the ways that we can hold back a bit.

    The raw MSRC guide is out, and it looks like this month we have .NET security patches. That means that this month I’ll recommend that you install them rather than being a bit wishy washy as to whether or not to hold back when they don’t contain security content. I know .NET patching is confusing.

    It’s unclear if these updates still trigger a problem with indexing in Outlook desktop.  Outlook searching has never been that great, if I really need an email I will launch outlook on the web and use that search box as well.

    Those of you that run desktop Exchange mail servers – there’s an update out for Exchange. Test and patch accordingly.

    There’s a couple of those “you need to update the store” as there’s a HEVC extension bug. So if you’ve disabled your Microsoft store updating, be aware we have another Store bug this month.

    Already seeing issues with L2TP vpn connections source:  —  KB5009543 – January 11, 2022 Breaks L2TP VPN Connections : sysadmin (reddit.com)  Note this is not consumer vpn software, but business style vpn software.

    Seeing issues with servers stuck in a boot loop   “So it sounds like the monthly Microsoft screw-up is going to be 2012 DCs getting stuck in boot loop?” ” Not just 2012R2’s, we also have a report of a 2019 in the mix.”   Source:  Patch Tuesday Megathread (2022-01-12) : sysadmin (reddit.com) and Patchday: Windows 8.1/Server 2012 R2 Updates (January 11, 2022), boot loop reported | Born’s Tech and Windows World (borncity.com)

    For those of you on Apple devices, by now you should make sure your December updates are installed.

    If you are one of the  “take one for the team” members that do have a backup and do early testing on behalf of the rest of us, as always I ask that you report patching successes as well as failures.

    Edit 1-13-2022 hearing that Microsoft has pulled updates from Windows update/Microsoft update – not sure if WSUS patches have been pulled.