• Keeping computer aches away

    While we tend to focus A LOT about the patch Tuesday post install issues, one thing you should also be aware of is the pains and aches that using technology can do to your body. While I’m sooooo not a fan of ergonomic keyboards, constantly using your keyboard and keeping your wrists a certain way can cause carpel tunnel syndrome.

    But you shouldn’t just be concerned about keyboards. A recent Consumer reports Heath article reminds me that we need to set up a good working and consuming environment properly. Computer screens should be about an arm’s length away from you and the top height of the monitor should be at eye level. If you have glasses with bifocals, you may need to lower it.

    When using a keyboard, your elbows should be slightly bent. Make sure you have a good solid chair. Don’t get a hugely expensive chair, but at the same time, a good comfortable and supportive chair is key. Your feet should be easily able to touch the ground.

    For those with ipads, consider ipad stands or holders to prop up your devices. I’d also recommend ensure you purchase the proper device for the proper role. I purchase smaller book sized lightweight kindles when I’m wanting to read electronic books. Trying to read it from a heavier ipad just isn’t comfortable and makes my arm hurt.

    For those that watch antenna tv (I’m currently watching vintage episodes of Emergency on Cozi.TV) or stream their television content, place your television in a good neutral spot for your neck as well. Ensure it’s not making your neck too much to the left or to the right. Get cushions and pillows.

    When talking on your cell phone, while I HATE it when people are talking loudly on the speaker phone so that everyone around them hears what they are talking about, you do need to adjust your hand. Holding an iphone for a long period of time can be hard on your grip.

    What do you do to keep computer aches away?

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