• Long file names used in user redirected folders trigger issues

    Michael McElrath reported this yesterday and Born city follows up that after the Excel patch is installed that files with a long path length – meaning that the ending name and location of the file results in a LONG path, an error is reported.

    When he opens an excel file it will open from the desktop but not the redirected folder on a 2019 server.  The error is “The file format and extension of “file.xlsx” don’t match. The file could be corrupted or unsafe. Unless you trust it’s source, don’t open it. Do you want to open it anyway?”

    When he copied the file to other shared locations the issue went away so it looks like it’s a redirected folder issue.

    “If you shorten the file name it goes away.

    Follow up, I copied the file to several other shared locations on the server and it opened fine. It appears to be a User Redirected folder issue.

    Next, I changed the name from ‘longfilenameofexcelfile.xlsx’ to ‘shortname.xlsx’ and it worked fine. ‘shortername.xlsx’ also worked.

    The path is:


    The file above it wouldn’t open either until I shorten the name to ‘Loan.xlsx’.

    It appears to be a path length problem.”

    It’s been reported on 2013 but I’d keep an eye out for 2016 as well.

    5002242 8/9/2022 Defer Security Excel 2013
    5002232 8/9/2022 Defer Security Excel 2016

    I am not using folder redirection here and with click to run Excel, I’m not seeing this issue so you may need to test to see if this applies to you.