• Master Patch List for July 12, 2022 too early to patch…

    I’ve updated the Master Patch List tonight for today’s releases.

    It includes servicing stack updates for the older versions of Windows along with a security patch for Internet Explorer. Note this is not disabling Internet Explorer, merely patching it for security issues.

    It’s too early to report on any major side effects but I have seen some folks report on major Windows 11 issues after updating (see here and here) so make sure you back up your machine and have a recovery plan.  Mind you two reports is not widespread at all, but Kevin Beaumont is a security researcher who used to work for Microsoft and always has interesting observations regarding security, so seeing him have Patch Tuesday issues causes me to call it out.

    As always, thank you all for supporting the cause! Remember a mere $1 donation will give you access and if you donate $50 or more you’ll get a special code to enable text messages sent to your phone each time the Master Patch List gets updated and when I change the MS-DEFCON level.