• MS-DEFCON 2: Windows 10 22H2 expected this month

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    ISSUE 19.40.1 • 2022-10-06

    By Susan Bradley

    We originally had the impression that Windows 10 and 11 updates would appear simultaneously, but — for this time at least — it looks like Windows 10 22H2 will be here in October, a month after Windows 11 2022 (22H2).

    As with Windows 11 2022, I am not expecting a major release. As per my usual recommendation, don’t accept the Windows 10 22H2 update right away. Instead, defer it until I’ve had a chance to test and review. That advice also comes with an elevation of the MS-DEFCON level to 2.

    Anyone can read the full MS-DEFCON Alert (19.40.1, 2022-10-06).