• MS-DEFCON 3: Should we patch?

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    ISSUE 19.26.1 • 2022-06-28


    By Susan Bradley

    I have good news and bad news.

    Some of you will install the June updates and see absolutely no issues whatsoever. Others have tried to install the June updates and experienced side effects. Microsoft has acknowledged some, but not all, of the issues. This makes it a hard month. I don’t like to let people get to the end of the month and not install updates, but at the same time there are some bugs that are deeply impactful to both consumers and businesses.

    Based upon my recommendations below, I am lowering the MS-DEFCON level to 3. I commonly set the level to 4 after giving the month’s updates a chance to settle, but this time greater caution is warranted.

    Anyone can read the full MS-DEFCON Alert (19.26.1, 2022-06-28).