• MS-DEFCON 3: Windows 10 22H2 may leave you blue

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    ISSUE 19.52.1 • 2022-12-27

    By Susan Bradley

    I have a favorite Christmas song titled “We need a little Christmas,” from the Broadway musical “Mame.”

    The uplifting tone of the song expresses the pleasure and happiness we experience during the holiday. We don’t usually associate “blue” feelings with the season (except Elvis).

    Windows 10 could use a little of that holiday spirit. Unfortunately, two different patches for 22H2 appear to be throwing off blue screens of death for some — but not all — users. As much as I’d like to lower the MS-DEFCON level to the more serene level 4, so you can enjoy the holiday while applying updates, out of caution I am dropping it only one notch.

    Anyone can read the full MS-DEFCON Alert (19.52.1, 2022-12-27).