• MS-DEFCON 4: July updates make some hot and bothered

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    ISSUE 19.30.1 • 2022-07-26

    By Susan Bradley

    Access bugs ruin a quiet July, but we can still lower MS-DEFCON to 4.

    To any reader of this alert who is sweltering in a heat wave, my sincere condolences. I can slightly relate, as I’m having the normal July heat wave in my neck of the woods.

    The big difference is that my area of the country is used to this weather. Thus I’m inside an air-conditioned home, remotely accessing office workstations and servers to perform the monthly maintenance tasks while some of you are … well … just really hot and really uncomfortable. Fortunately for us, this month’s Windows and Office updates were mostly well behaved.

    Anyone can read the full MS-DEFCON Alert (19.30.1, 2022-07-25).