• Preparing yourself

    First off to anyone in the path of Hurricane Ian, please stay safe.

    All of us need to remind ourselves that while we may not be facing Hurricanes, we may be facing some other destruction.  I’ll be doing some articles and videos on backups and best practices but this is also a reminder to not be so quick to blow off any cloud solution in your backup plans because of the subscription model (which it has) or the risk of cloud access by attackers (which should also not be blown off as a non issue). As the images and videos out of Florida showcase, this is when you can not have enough backups.  Having your key information somewhere in a secure cloud is actually a GOOD thing.  Often your local devices are damaged, you can’t get back into your home, your office, or your bank where you stored your offsite backup.

    Also think of alternative ways you can access your information on a non standard device. Rather than a desktop computer, think of a device like an ipad or a chromebook which is much more portable and you can take it with you.

    Here are some other tips from the Florida Red Cross:

    Hurricane Ian | Press Release | American Red Cross

    Download the free Red Cross Emergency App for real-time weather alerts, open Red Cross shelters, and expert advice on emergency situations. Search “American Red Cross” in app stores or go to redcross.org/apps. You can also enable the Red Cross Hurricane Alert skill on Amazon Alexa-enabled devices to receive warnings about an approaching hurricane and preparedness information.

    And if you like… donate to the red cross who are often one of the first folks back in to help clean up.