• Search highlights – or – what is that thing down there?

    Tonight, one of my machines finally got search highlights in the search box.  I’ve been wondering when the “dribbled” update would finally catch up with me.

    “For regular users, Search Highlights will show meaningful information like holidays, anniversaries, and other educational moments based on their region.”

    Dear Microsoft:

    I think that’s a mountain, a mountain boot and a walking stick? If it’s not, can you give me a better hint or get a better cartoonist? I live in the Central Valley. Mountains – and mountain climbing are first off not my thing. I am city/suburbs kind of gal, and secondly mountains are a two to three hour drive away. And I’d need two boots and not just one.  Whatever that is down there is not meaningful information to me.

    Next of all of the things that your developers at Microsoft could spend their time on, this would not be what I would pick. It’s distracting. There’s no customization other than to turn it on or off. Clearly I didn’t get donuts either.

    Just a reminder… that’s how you turn that thing off.

    Next time Microsoft, how about you work on allowing users to enable Attack Surface Reduction rules even if they use another antivirus platforms. Now THAT would be meaningful.