• Stick A Note — It’s life-changing! No, really … life-changing

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    ISSUE 19.38 • 2022-09-19


    Deanna McElveen

    By Deanna McElveen

    Is this freeware maven seriously going to shove another sticky-note program down our throats? Yes. Yes, I am.

    I am, because this is quite different. This will change the way you live! It’s on a par with the printing press! The cotton gin! This telephone! Okay, fine, it’s at least equal to the invention of fried pies!

    Anand Gupta, a wonderful, professional developer from West Bengal, India, has created a freeware program called Stick A Note that is considerably different from any sticky-note program you have ever used. Stick A Note does not put virtual sticky notes onto your desktop. It puts them on the windows of individual programs.

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