• Tip for the weekend – you got a Win11

    So Santa bought you a new laptop for Christmas. And it’s Windows 11. And you’ve tried that center menu for a bit and it’s well… annoying.  Or you have so many other Windows 10 machines that your brain can’t handle something new. What options do you have?

    Can you install Windows 10 on it?  Yes, you have the rights to downgrade rights to Windows 10. But I always wince when you take a brand new computer that was built for and designed for a specific operating system and put something else on it. Now if there is flat out some program that will not run on it? By all means, it’s your computer to do with it whatever you like. But if you don’t have a blocking condition and just don’t like the new menu?  You’ve got options:

    Watch this video here for demonstrations of them.

    You may wish to install an alternative Windows 10 menu instead. There are two that are highly recommend: Startallback and Start11. Both will provide you with a Windows 10 or even Windows 7 experience.

    Want to have file thumbnails back in a folder? There’s a workaround for that as well. However you might just want to use this opportunity to do a better job naming files.

    Bottom line while you can install Windows 10 with downgrade rights on a brand new computer, if you are like me where you slightly wince doing so, you may want to try out those options first.