• Tips for the weekend – February 12, 2022 – do you need a second monitor?

    Watch my video here demonstrating my USB monitor

    Do you need a second monitor – but not one that takes up a lot of room?

    At home I have a large main monitor and then I purchased a usb connected small flat screen to work as my second monitor.  It’s a smaller sized monitor but it allows me to pull a spreadsheet or a web site over to a second monitor. It’s a 15.6 inch Acer that plugs into any USB slot on the computer.

    The other day I was watching “The business of Tech” podcast by Dave Sobel and he talked about how he worked remotely for a week. He showcased that he used a device to make his iPad a secondary monitor. Called Astropad, it allows you to use your Ipad as a secondary monitor. It works on both Windows and Mac platforms.

    I had never seen it before.  So do you use multiple monitors?  I HIGHLY recommend having two displays (or more).  At the office everyone has two, several people have three and one person has four.