• Working on “the basics of the forum” instruction

    Tonight I’m working on the “basics of the forum” topic as suggested by Geekdom.

    The beginnings of it are here. Note that I have the thread closed to new posts as it’s a work in progress and I’m still working on it so rather than have comments on the bottom or inserted over there I’ll ask that you make comments in this thread over here.  Sorry to be a bit confusing but I want the topic to be continuous over there.

    Besides the items that Geekdom suggested as listed below:

    • login
    • create a post from a word processor or text file
    • post the contents to forum edit box
    • add an attachment
    • use the edit tabs across the edit box (hieroglyphs)
    • swap between Visual and Text
    • what HTML looks like (and how to remove detritus)
    • edit a post after it has been posted — time duration of edit (looks like at least one hour now)
    • include links
    • logout

    Is there any other topics about the basics of the forum you want covered?

    I’ll add one more – if you put the word “by” in the title of your forum post it will make the format very large and very odd. If you go back and realize that one of the moderators have edited the word “by” out of your title or have reworded it, that’s why we did it. Ah, the joys of bugs in software.

    For those of you that noticed that the “resolution” button is gone whereby you can’t flag a forum question as answered, the plug in we used was abandoned by the author and our software security vendor flagged it as having unpatched vulnerabilities. Given that we are a web facing forum, needless to say …. out it went.

    I’m looking at possibilities for replacements – as I really do like some sort of ability to flag that an answer has been found. Don’t forget you can always click that “thanks” button at the bottom of a post. I’ll let you know if/when we find a replacement.