Daily Archives: February 5, 2023

  • Cables are very important

    When upgrading a computer and you’ve also invested in a new monitor you might want to also invest in new monitor cables. Case in point the HP workstation at the office supports multiple monitors. If you ask the folks at the office, they will tell you that often when I’m upgrading something I will leave behind a power cable I don’t need, or reuse cables that are already there.

    When setting up the computer I happened to have a Display port cable connected to Display port. But when moving around computers they aren’t my favorite cables because they have a clip that invariably when I’m trying to move a computer, I forget there is a clip and I’m yanking on that cable trying to get it to come out.

    So given the choice between Display port and the mini  display port  (the ones on the left are Display port, the ones on the upper right are mini , I’ll opt for mini . So when I was moving the computer around I reused the mini display port to hdmi cable that I happened to already have there plugged into the old computer and old monitors. But when I plugged them in, they were fuzzy and would only get a resolution of 1920×1280. It wasn’t until I plugged in a different set of cables Mini display to Display port that I was able to get the native resolution of 2560 x 1440 on the 27 inch monitors.

    I’m guessing I had older hdmi cables that couldn’t support the higher resolution. But bottom line, if you are setting up a new desktop and things look …. fuzzy….. make sure you see what cable you are using and try another one!