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  • MS-DEFCON 4: Win11 22H2 not ready for prime time

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    ISSUE 20.13.1 • 2023-03-28


    By Susan Bradley

    March updates are ready. Windows 11 22H2, not so much.

    It’s time to install the updates for the March releases, and that’s why I’m lowering the MS-DEFCON level to 4. There are a few issues out there, but most appear to be plain old low-risk bugs — things that used to be caught in Microsoft’s beta testing. As usual, it seems we’re the beta testers.

    I have several Windows 11 22H2 deployments in active use. If you are not an advanced user, are relatively new to the Windows platform, or are really into rounded corners and having to click several times to build shortcuts on your desktop, you might be tempted to forgive Microsoft for some of these cosmetic bugs.

    Anyone can read the full MS-DEFCON Alert (20.13.1, 2023-03-28).