Daily Archives: May 13, 2023

  • Do you touch your screen?

    When I have my Kindle, I use touch on the screen.  On my iphone or on an iPad, once again, touch is the preferred method. Obviously because all of those devices are designed for touch and were intended for touch.

    But on a Windows computer?  Even though I may have several computers that support touch screens about the only thing I use touch screen for is to swipe up and log into the computer and then use the keyboard. The advantage of buying a computer – even a laptop – WITHOUT touch is that it’s always cheaper.

    So when Windows 11 comes out with new touch enhancements I tend to go, “that’s nice” and go back to my keyboard. But slowly you can tell that Microsoft is responding to feedback. Case in point this week is that you can enable seconds in the time view on Windows 11. Reportedly it was removed because refreshing the screen caused performance issues.

    But what about you?  Do you use touch with Windows?