Daily Archives: August 5, 2023

  • Getting stuck on an old wives tale

    Years and years ago I had a hard drive die.  I was working on a paper for college at the time and hadn’t made a backup. And of course, the computer hard drive died.  I nearly cried. But then I stuck the hard drive in the freezer and froze it for several hours. For a short time the hard drive worked, long enough for me to get into the documents folder and grab the word document. While the freezer trick worked back then, it’s not as likely to work now. To be fair it’s more likely that me not using the drive let it temporarily work once I stuck the drive enclosure back in the computer.

    For one SSD drives won’t be saved with this trick. For another, mechanical based hard drives are more likely to be better protected than that hard drive I had years ago.

    With SSD drives one thing I do is keep a spare SSD hard drive around. You never know when you might need to replace a hard drive. The older your computer is, the more likely it will be that someday you’ll find that SSD drive will fail.  SSDs tend to not warn you, they just fail. Thus always (and I cannot stress this enough) always have a backup of your data. It doesn’t matter if that backup is local or in the cloud, just absolutely make sure you know how to get your Office subscription or installation back (i.e. where are the product keys or login information) and how to get your key information back.

    So how many times has a hard drive failed on you? Were you prepared?