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  • Preparing for a hurricane

    Clouds coming in at 5 p.m Saturday

    Clouds coming in at 5 p.m Saturday

    First off, while many of you know I live in Calfornia, fortunately I’m far enough away from Southern California that I will probably receive a bit of rain from Hurricane Hilary and not much else. But it will be an impact to grape and other fruit growers in the area as this isn’t the greatest time to have a couple of inches of rain. But it’s a reminder that all of us around the world are having extremes in weather and we should remember that sometimes there are outages in Power, Internet, etc. With all of our Internet of things, don’t forget to have something as basic as a radio that runs on batteries. We do have earthquakes in California and need to be just as aware of the side effects of that on a daily basis.

    Ready.gov has a prep list of things you should have on hand in case of emergency. I’ll be digging out and charging up my external power brick just in case.

    What other things do you do to prepare yourself for a possible weather disaster that might disrupt Power or Internet? What alternatives do you keep around? Do you have everything on that list?