Daily Archives: August 30, 2023

  • Chrome moves download indicator

    Susan BradleySo my 95 year old Dad calls me up this morning and says “I need help”.  He was on his computer and working on a tax return (yes he still works on returns at 95 years of age) and says “The zip file download isn’t working”.  He’s on the cloud version of tax software which downloads zip files of pdfs and he uses Chrome.

    Well as you can guess recently as I’m sure many of you know, Chrome moved the download indicator from the bottom left to the top right. Now if you are used to using different browsers you’ll know that many of them use top right (Edge) as well as bottom left.

    You CAN change it back.

    You can also merely deal with the change and cuss at software developers that love to change things as my Dad did when I pointed out that the zip file REALLY was being downloaded but now look for that bubble in the top right.

    “Dumb a-……s”  is what Dad muttered. I figured many could relate to my tale. And yes, just a reminder, you CAN change it back.

    Public service announcement for the day:

    Launch Chrome and go to chrome://flags/.
    Search for “Download Bubble” or “Download Button”.
    Disable both flags.
    Click on “Relaunch” to restart Chrome.
    After following these steps, the downloads bar should be moved back to the bottom of the Chrome window.