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  • Apple 2030

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    ISSUE 20.38 • 2023-09-18


    Will Fastie

    By Will Fastie

    Mother Nature deems Apple’s ambitious clean-energy goals worthy, albeit surprising.

    Oscar winner Octavia Spencer, in her starring role as Mother Nature in Apple’s fall event, stole the show. Apple goes Hollywood all the time in these events, but this was different.

    In a nicely done surprise skit, Mother Nature has come to Apple to audit its progress on meeting its green goals, specifically carbon neutrality. This alone was funny because all companies seem to have stated goals, but it’s hard to know whether any are being achieved. Mother Nature was skeptical to the point of assuming Apple was just blowing smoke, so to speak.

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  • Wi-Fi 7? Why not!


    Brian Livingston

    By Brian Livingston

    International standards bodies are just months away from finalizing a wireless networking improvement that’s being called Wi-Fi 7. When devices start supporting and using the new protocol, Wi-Fi 7 promises theoretical speeds far beyond what’s currently possible with Wi-Fi 6 (which was officially approved back in 2014).

    But don’t go out and buy all new stuff just yet. Theory is one thing, and reality is another. You may never see noticeably faster speeds from any Wi-Fi 7 devices you may own in the future. What are the reasons for this? I’m glad you asked.

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  • Second city — the AI view from Washington


    Max Oppenheimer

    By Max Stul Oppenheimer, Esq.

    Multiple players are deciding their opening moves in reacting to the sudden entry of this technology into the public consciousness.

    Not surprisingly, their approaches differ because their interests differ.

    In my previous installment (2023-08-28), we saw how Microsoft is grappling with how to protect its interests — offensive and defensive — in a highly volatile and unpredictable future. In the short time since that article published, it appears that Microsoft may already be fine-tuning its approach.

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  • Zeroing in on zero days


    Susan Bradley

    By Susan Bradley

    September’s updates are out, with several zero days and several interesting vulnerabilities.

    The good news is that for consumers and home users, many of these are unique to a business network and won’t be seen in a home network.

    What will be seen this month is that the update installation and reboot process will take longer. I’m not sure what is triggering the slowness, but note that this month’s updates also include .NET updates. Patience.

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