Daily Archives: September 23, 2023

  • What happened to the manual?

    The other day at the office AT&T insisted that we needed to upgrade our Fiber connection to a faster connection. Upon installing the new fiber connection I was left with a BGW 320 500 unit with no manual. Instead there was a QR code guiding you to download an app on the phone.

    Mind you this is at the office where the intent is that this will be the backup Internet to the office, so as a result I need the necessary static IP address. While I could connect to the Internet simply by attaching to the unit’s wifi and doing a whatismyip look up, that didn’t give me the necessary information for the five IP addresses. When I reached out to the vendor, they provided me with an IP address that didn’t make sense with the IP address I was getting when connecting via wifi.

    I was expecting to be given an IP address in the range of the IP address I was getting when I logged into wifi, but the address they gave me was totally different and didn’t make sense that the static IP they gave me would work given the IP address I was getting from merely connecting to the unit via wifi. Turns out this is I guess you could call it a hybrid unit. As I was told by a friend, “You can connect a device to the modem and it can dole out a dynamic IP from AT&T. But you can also connect a device using the static range they assign you – for example your own router or firewall appliance. You CAN set up your desktop/laptop with one of those usable addresses that they provided to me . You may need to reboot your router if you plug in and get a dynamic address – and then need to switch to your static IP address. NOTE: The dynamic IPs do NOT route to the static subnet.”

    Learned something new about fiber equipment. But what kills me is that I’m having to google to find guidance and a manual. Why is good documentation so hard to get these days? Do you find your ISP doesn’t provide good documentation for the equipment they provide?