Daily Archives: October 7, 2023

  • Got a Windows 11 22H2 home?

    Do you have a Windows 11 22H2 home machine and don’t want to deal with Windows 11 Copilot once it gets included in the October security updates?

    No worries. Look for detailed information and instructions coming in Monday’s newsletter as well as my take and concerns about it.

    In the meantime, here are some resources as a sneak peak:

    First off for Windows 11 22H2 home version users where you don’t have group policy, here is a registry key download. I’ve done a video of the process you need to do to run the registry key.

    For those of you in firms where you have Windows 11 pro, keep in mind that if you are behind some sort of patching tool (WSUS, Intune,etc) Copilot will not show up. But if you use Windows update you are seen as “unmanaged” and thus it will. For those of you that want to use group policy to control, the ADMX and ADML downloads are on the Master Patch List page and will be included in Monday’s newsletter. Normally you have to install the code ahead of time and grab those files from a machine that has the updated patch.  I installed it on a test machine and grabbed them for you.

    Stay tuned, lots more in Monday’s newsletter.