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  • Master Patch List for 10-10-2023

    I’ve updated the Master Patch list for the October updates.  Remember to always review the known issues we are tracking on the Master Patch List page. I will keep the latest info there.  This month the .NET 4.x updates do not have new security patches so it’s not mandatory to install them. That said .NET has been well behaved. I AM seeing KB5011048 .NET 4.8.1 being pushed to machines. Note this is a bit confusing and it’s making me scratch my head as well.  It was originally placed on Windows update back in June.  But clearly it’s been refreshed as of 10/10/2023.  As noted below it’s triggering multiple reboots.

    Windows 11 22H2 changes:  Rolled into the October updates as noted in September 26, 2023—KB5030310 (OS Build 22621.2361) Preview – Microsoft Support

    • New! This update introduces websites to the Recommended section of the Start menu. These websites will be personalized for you and come from your browsing history. This gives you quick access to the websites that are important to you. You can remove any website URL from the Recommended section using the shortcut menu. To turn off the feature, go to Settings Personalization Start. You can adjust settings for all recommended content on the Start menu on this Settings page. Commercial customers can manage this feature using a policy.

    Windows 10 22H2 if you made search smaller or got rid of it, this reintroduces the bigger search box.

    • From https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/topic/september-26-2023-kb5030300-os-build-19045-3516-preview-9d43fdfb-71a1-4a40-b217-4a43d4bd84db.  “New! This update brings back an improved search box experience on the taskbar. If you have a top, bottom, regular, or small icons taskbar, you will see the search box appear. You can use it to easily access apps, files, settings, and more from Windows and the web. You will also have access to the latest search updates, such as search highlights. If you want to restore your previous search experience, you can do that easily. Use the taskbar shortcut menu or respond to a dialog that appears when you use search.”  You can use group policy or set a registry key  HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Search to 0 in a GPO if you want to kill it off.

    Windows 10/11 may see multiple reboots this month.  Workstations are being pushed .NET 4.8.1 KB5011048 in addition to the other updates triggering a multi-reboot month.

    Issues installing update on Windows 10 — see Here

    Server 2022 adds Azure Arc server setup – see here.

    WSUS appears to not be detecting that Windows 11 machines need updates.  Still investigating this to see what’s going on.

    Windows 11 22H unmanaged PCs may start to see Copilot.  To disable this use Download reg file to disable Windows Copilot  I’ve seen it dribbled on some, but not all machines.

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