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  • How to use the Microsoft Edge sidebar

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    ISSUE 20.43 • 2023-10-23


    Lance Whitney

    By Lance Whitney

    The sidebar in Microsoft Edge offers you a handy way to access frequently used tools, apps, websites, and other items.

    When it comes to browsers, I’m a dedicated Firefox user. But I have to admit I’ve been using Microsoft Edge more often. One Edge feature I like is its sidebar, through which you can easily access Microsoft 365, Outlook, Bing Search, Image Creator, and other tools and apps.

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  • Introducing Microsoft PC Manager


    Ed Tittel

    By Ed Tittel

    Not many people know about the Microsoft PC Manager application, despite its being available in English since October 2022.

    One reason you might not be aware of PC Manager is because it is still in beta. It also began as a Chinese-language app in early 2022, which in all likelihood would not have caught the immediate attention of English speakers.

    However, it’s clear just from the URL of PCM’s microsite, https://pcmanager.microsoft.com/, that Microsoft has plans for the program. (It even has its own logo.) You can download the program from that location.

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  • Hard-drive imaging — AOMEI Backupper Standard


    Deanna McElveen

    By Deanna McElveen

    At OlderGeeks.com, we test a lot of software. Sometimes we do so in a virtual machine that we can reset when things get out of control.

    But a lot of software deals with the actual hardware in a computer, so we must use our test system to assure that a rogue app does no harm. In that case, we make a drive image before we experiment.

    There are many free and open-source backup programs out there. Some do just file backups, and some also do total hard-drive imaging. That means they take a snapshot of your entire hard drive and save it as a single file, or perhaps a few files. In this article, I will concentrate on my favorite program in this class.

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  • Windows 11 23H2 is around the corner


    Susan Bradley

    By Susan Bradley

    The 23H2 release of Windows 11 is coming soon. Don’t panic — you can defer. But before its release, you should be prepared.

    First, make sure you are on Windows 11 22H2 if you are using the Home or Professional Windows 11 editions. Second, I recommend downloading and keeping a copy of the Windows 11 22H2 ISO from Microsoft’s download site.

    You can also use the Rufus tool to download past versions of Windows 11. However, I feel that Microsoft download is the easiest way to ensure you have all the necessary media should you need to do a repair install at a later date.

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