Daily Archives: November 4, 2023

  • Do you put your computer to sleep?

    Do you put your computer to sleep?  Do you enable hibernation? I’m not convinced that it’s bug free in either Windows 11 or Windows 10. Now while at the office I leave my computers on in order to back them up and to patch them, even at home my computers are either fully on, on but with the monitor in sleep mode, or they are fully off.  I don’t like to have the computer go to sleep as I’ve found that often when they “wake up” they don’t fully wake up, or they have issues with the docking stations.

    Sleep and hibernation has often been buggy and has needed fixes and firmware and driver updates along the way.  Now at the office I recommend having the systems do a “lock” if you walk away.

    So what about you?  Do you put your computer to sleep?