Daily Archives: November 11, 2023

  • Veterans – watch out for scams

    In the United States today, we honor those who have served.  Unfortunately, it’s also a time when criminals target those who have been in our military and those that are in our military.  On the AARP site they sent out a reminder that “veterans, active-duty service members and their families are 40 percent more likely to lose money to fraud”.

    Scams come in the form of phone calls, text messages or emails luring Veterans.

    Just a reminder “If someone contacts you claiming to be from the VA and requests personal information, hang up and contact the VA directly at 800-827-1000. Ignore unsolicited offers related to your VA benefits. ”

    The same is true if you aren’t a veteran.  The latest targeted scam I’ve personally seen as an Accountant is a fake invoice that purports to be a receipt for purchasing QuickBooks online subscription for the year even though the “look” of the receipt was off and I knew we hadn’t purchased it at this time.  The receipt had an 800 number to call and dispute the charge. Clearly they wanted to get the CC number to “remove” the bogus charge, but in doing so, they would steal your credit card number.

    So what about you?  What targeted scams have you seen going after your background and interests? How do you think they targeted you?