Daily Archives: November 16, 2023

  • Copilot coming to Windows 10

    Just confirmed on the Windows update twitter feed, Copilot will be coming to Windows 10

    But don’t panic, we will have registry keys and information to block it if you don’t want it.

    I kinda figured this was coming, they have to justify the price tag somehow.

    Just like with 11, it won’t be pushed to “managed” devices.  For unmanaged (those controlled only by Windows update as in Home computers), we will have registry keys and blocking info on the Master Patch List page and articles coming in future newsletters.  Don’t worry, we got your back and will keep you in control of your operating system.

  • Master Patch List as of November 14, 2023

    I’ve updated the Master Patch list for the November updates.  I’ll be updating the page for any known issues or issues that we are tracking. I will keep the latest info there.  Some people are reporting that updates are taking a bit longer to install.

    I’ve also seen some reports of interactions with the start menu for some users. It’s unclear to me right now if these are folks with third party start menu customization. But remember you can ALWAYS uninstall and defer an update while we wait to see if others are reporting issues.

    Click on start, Open Settings. Click on Update & security. Click on Windows Update. Click the Update history link. On Update history, you can view which updates were installed. Click on the update number to uninstall the update.

    If you have an HP computer with ” HPAudioAnalytics Service ” this may delay the installation of updates and appear to get stuck at 30%. If you are impacted, temporarily stop the service.

    For business patchers it’s mandatory that you update your VMware tools – ensure you update your VMware servers to https://www.vmware.com/security/advisories/VMSA-2023-0024.html

    Windows 11 22H2 and 22H3 unmanaged PCs may start to see Copilot.  To disable this use Download reg file to disable Windows Copilot  I’ve seen it dribbled on some, but not all machines.

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