Daily Archives: November 23, 2023

  • Thank you to all the readers and supporters

    As this is the American day of Thanksgiving, I’d like to give thanks to all the readers and supporters!  We wouldn’t be here without you!

    I’d also like to thank you for being a bit more aware, a bit more savvy, a bit less prone to scams and fraud. Take this holiday season when you interact with others to educate others about the latest frauds and scams. The Holiday season is always a time when you can get sucked into online shopping scams.

    This year I’m not doing any major technology migration projects this weekend, but I am going to be hanging up the Christmas lights and decorations. In addition to making sure Alexa still turns on the Christmas lights in unison, I had to debug why my garland wasn’t lighting up properly in anticipation of hanging it up. Amazing how many burnt-out light bulbs can hide in the garland!

    Here’s hoping all of your Burnt-out lightbulbs are easily found this holiday season.

    And again, thank you for being here!