Daily Archives: December 9, 2023

  • Just a reminder to not install previews

    Just a reminder that in my philosophy of “business style patching”, I don’t recommend preview releases on machine you use on a day to day basis. But I DO review what is in the previews to see what’s coming ahead.

    I’ve updated the Master patch list for the Windows 10 and 11 preview releases that Microsoft came out with last week. As we know, Copilot code will be included in the December Windows 10 updates.

    Now IF you have a spare computer and even IF you LIKE previews and bugs more than usual you can keep an eye on and even install insider versions on your test machines. Even in a business setting I try to keep an eye on things that are coming. But I don’t recommend that you do it on your daily workhorse, rather on a spare machine or even a virtual one.

    I did find something out this evening. I was wondering why on Windows 10 the Copilot icon is in the right, but on Windows 11 it’s on the left. Turns out that in the dev release of 11 they are moving it to the right and turning off the show desktop button. Now while I can understand moving the Copilot to be more consistent, messing with my “show desktop” button is not cool. Fortunately, “show desktop” can be re-enabled. Needless to say I’ll be once again letting you know when that change comes to Windows 11 and how to reenable the show desktop should you be like me and use it a lot.