• Are you seeing multiple reboots?

    For those running Windows – if you’ve gone ahead and installed the July updates, are you seeing more than one reboot?

    (Note I am not recommending that you install the updates at this time, I’m just noting something I’ve seen and wanting to know if those of you that HAVE installed updates have seen this behavior?) Because the .NET updates do not include any new security patches but do fix an issue with X509 certificates, I think what is going on is that the reboot sequence isn’t set up correctly by Microsoft and it will want to reboot after the cumulative update and then again when the .NET updates are installed.

    Note in a corporate setting where you may not approve the .NET patches, you should only see a single reboot.

    Note it doesn’t hurt anything, just slightly annoying and causing you to have to be more patient this month.

    So are you seeing this?