• Are you travelling this summer?

    (Inspired by this post)

    So are you travelling this summer?  And if so, what technology are you taking with you? Often one of the most costly part of travel is the connectivity you need. Often the most concerning part of travel is questioning… is it safe?  I’ll have a full article about that second topic (is connecting to THAT safe and revisiting the VPN question) in a newsletter in the coming weeks, but tonight I want your opinion about what technology you take with you.

    Once upon a time I’d pack a camera, but now with smartphones having such good cameras and taking such good photos I don’t. My sister packs her smallest mini ipad, however I bring my smallest Surface because there are times I do have to connect back to the office and while it’s not impossible to use an ipad to connect to a windows desktop remotely, it’s easier for me to have a true Windows desktop should there be any emergency in the office.

    So what about you? What tech do you make sure you ALWAYS take when you travel whether it’s local or abroad?