• August 2023 updates are out

    For Apple devices, while 16.6 was released back on July 24, your device may not have received them yet – or will be installing it shortly. As always, if you see any weirdness try turning the device off and then back on again.

    August is BlackHat and Defcon – the big security conferences held in Las Vegas and this month is a BIG release for security patches as well.

    We STILL do not have a patch for all affected version of Office/wordpad for last month’s security vulnerability in Office/html (if you remember it was patched in the M365 versions but not all) instead we have an advisory.

    Exchange mail servers have a patch.

    .NET’s have security updates.

    More in next weeks newsletters.  For now I start testing on my canary machines and you – you just hang tight and defer those updates.