• Celebrating Spring

    We’re between rain events here in California and the bulbs are in full bloom and in some cases getting ready to end their display for the year. I’m taking a slight break from tech tonight to share spring with you.

    One of my favorite Daffodil varieties called “jetfire”.

    But taking photos always reminds me how much the technology of taking pictures has changed. We used to have dedicated cameras and only took photos with film that had to be developed. Taking and developing pictures was expensive so you’d reserve taking a photo until you had just the right shot. Along the way we moved to faster photo processing, even to the point that we could get our photos developed in an hour (or less). Along the way we had poloroids where you’d take a photo and then shake it to help it develop. (Ah the kids have no idea what fun we had) Then came the big change in photography. The PHONE. When a camera was inserted into a phone to where you had a high quality photo taking device that not only was with you at all times but was in your pocket – and had Internet access – taking photographs changed drastically.  No longer did we even care if we got the PERFECT photo, we could screw up a bunch and not care. We can even edit the photos and make them better.

    I’m still struggling finding a nice, easy photo editing software program.  Geeks swear by irfanview but that’s a bit too geeky for my Sister who loves to edit photos. Do you have a favorite editing program?  Share in the comments!