• Computers need to be on

    Today’s key tip to keeping a Windows machine healthy:

    Turn it on regularly.

    Yesterday I got a call from someone at the office that was trying to boot up his computer and he would log in with his username and password and then the screen would be totally black.  I have remote access to his home computer as he uses it to log into the office and I could tell the machine was “On”, but clearly it wasn’t finishing up the final log in. He indicated that it had been a while since he booted it up. AH says I, how about we force it to reboot?

    Sure enough after rebooting it was fine. The other day I attended an Accountant themed security seminar and one of the tips recommended was to reboot your computer nightly as accounting applications can leak memory and systems will work better when they are rebooted. While I obviously reboot every month, I think every night is a tad much.  At the office we leave our systems on so they can be accessed and that maintenance routines can run at night.  At home, while it’s understandable to turn off computers, what I want you to do is to turn them ON at least once a month. Leaving them off too long and no matter the platform, whether computers or tablets, it will take time for that system to get up to date.

    Phones are exactly the opposite, they are on all the time and on occasion, I make sure to turn them fully off and then back on especially after a big update.

    So do you turn your computers and devices on regularly?