• Desktop or Laptop? What’s your choice?

    When you get to that point in time when either your Apple or Windows computer needs to be upgraded, sometimes it’s better to start over and buy a new computer. But then the question comes — Desktop style or Laptop style?

    Typically desktops are more expandable in the long run, easier to upgrade hard drives, memory, etc. But laptops are more portable. These days with either a USB (or USB C) docking station you can also have multiple monitors.

    Me, personally?  I have both here at home as both have their role. If I want to type up an newsletter column while enjoying nice weather outside, clearly a desktop won’t do. But if I’m working from home, or need a better monitor setup, for sure it’s a Desktop with a normal keyboard, normal mouse and the whole setup.

    In the Apple ecosystem, it comes down to cost.  I can purchase a MacMini and enter the Mac ecosystem at the cheapest price.

    So what’s your preference? And why?