• Finding a good keyboard

    One thing I’ve noticed lately when buying a new computer is that they EXPECT you to buy your own keyboard. The one that ships with a new desktop computer is one that I typically coil the cord up and put it in the storage room in case I need an emergency keyboard.

    Recently I went to investigate what would be a GOOD keyboard for someone after the wireless one I got for them wasn’t responsive enough and was a bit laggy.

    Who knew that all the really good keyboards these days are for gamers? One for example that I’ve seen recommended by many is the Logitech G series. One of the first things I had to figure out was how to get it to NOT be rainbow colored, or neon pink, or bright green, or any of the other 9 colors or pulsing things it was trying to be. I set it for pale blueish white all the way across the keyboard. Non pulsing. Not having a backlight at all was too weird as you couldn’t see the keyboard keys and numbers. Now while we are all touch typists and all that, it still threw me off to not have any sort of indicator of what key I was on.

    Another recommended brand is Keychron  which looks like an old IBM style of keyboard.  Speaking of IBM, who knew you could still buy an IBM model M on ebay and on Amazon.

    Anyone who REALLY types knows what I mean. You have to have a certain ‘feel’ of the keyboard and the keys can’t be too big or too small. Any thing that is off on the keyboard and you can barely type. We have two people in the office that LOVE their Apple keyboards and even use them on the Windows machines at the office (we use software from magic utilities to provide the drivers for Apple devices on Windows platforms), but personally for me? The Apple keyboard is sooooo flat that my fingers stumble over it and isn’t as efficient. Some of our best keyboards are from older HP and Dell computers where we no longer have the computer it came from, but we keep cleaning and reusing the keyboards because they feel comfortable.

    So what about you? What is your favorite keyboard now and back then?