• Have you dropped cable?

    The other day I was chatting with the gentleman who was installing the voice over IP at the office and we were agreeing about how much not only voice over IP but television has been changed by technology. Lately I am seeing more and more people cutting the cord and going back to either antenna television or just picking one streaming service.

    Of interest is seeing the number of streaming services ADDING advertising as a means to either lower the price tag on the lower tier or keep the price down as they increase the fees for the other tiers. But the worse thing about all of these streaming services is trying to remember WHICH one has what program.

    The next thing to be aware of it speed. For some streaming services, unless they have the ability to adjust the quality, you may see buffering unless you have decent web speed.

    What about you?  Have you dropped cable?  Tell me in the comments or in the survey link!