• Is MoveIT a big thing to worry about?

    If you’ve seen the news you may have heard about the MoveIT vulnerability. It’s a piece of software that many BIG businesses and goverments used to transfer data from one database to another. But attackers found a vulnerability in the code and was able to extract and exploit data.

    I’ll be out in a future newsletter about how you can monitor your accounts for potential exposure and what actions you can take.  But for now know this:

    1. It’s not a vulnerability that impacts YOUR home computer
    2. It may impact the businesses you interact with.
    3. Look for notifications from Governments and vendors if your data has been impacted.

    One of the issues with software like MoveIT is that while it encrypts data, it doesn’t encrypt while in transit. So the attacker was able to gather the data as it got transported.

    Once again, I’ll go more into detail about this, but be ready to put a freeze on your credit and log into your bank accounts to review activity.

    Bottom line, don’t panic. But be aware and take action if you get notified.