• It’s the first of the month, how’s your backup?

    Susan BradleyAlways at the first of the month, no matter what tech item I’ve got, whether it’s a tablet, a phone, a computer, a server, a laptop, a thing, I always take stock and review if I’ve got a backup of that thing.

    Depending on the “thing” I may back up to an online location or I may backup to an external hard drive or other storage location. The other day I came across an iphone that hadn’t been backed up since June of 2022.  Why so long? Because there wasn’t enough storage on icloud and the person hadn’t been paying attention to the fact that no backup had been occuring. I used to backup my phone to my computer but now that I typically have more storage in my iphone than I have free space on many of my computer hard drives, I backup to the cloud.

    But make sure you can backup to SOMETHING. I can’t stress this enough. Bad patches, ransomware, all of it can be dealt with as long as you have a backup.

    iPhone last successfully backed up at 12:02 am.  Check.

    Laptop: last backed up at 4 a.m. to a tiny external usb flash drive.  Check.

    Computer upstairs backed up to external drive.  Check.

    Surface device at the office: Honestly because I merely use that to remote INTO other devices I don’t install much on it and thus don’t back it up. I can rebuild it my merely reinstalling Windows.

    Sister’s computer backed up to external drive. Check.

    Sister’s ipad backed up to cloud. Check.

    Dad’s iphone and ipad backed up to cloud. Check. and Check.

    Relatively new Mint computer…. ooh don’t have a backup on that one yet.

    Chromebook. All data is in the cloud, don’t need to backup local operating system. Check.

    All of the workstations at the office backed up to a NAS.  Check.

    Servers backed up.  Check. As well as rotating to offsite storage. Check.

    Get the idea?  At least once a month take inventory of all of the computing devices you care about and ensure they are backed up. If you don’t care about them and know you can quickly reinstall then the lack of a backup is an acceptable risk.

    So when is the last time you checked?