• Making Windows 11 on Arm less obnoxious

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    ISSUE 20.12 • 2023-03-20

    WINDOWS 11

    Mary Branscombe

    By Mary Branscombe

    If you’re running Windows on Arm, you really want to be running Windows 11 rather than Windows 10.

    Not only is it the only way to get Windows 11–specific features such as running Android apps or tabs in Notepad, but — crucially for Arm devices — it’s the only way to get 64-bit emulation or the native ARM64 .NET Framework. 64-bit emulation was previewed in an Insider build of Win10, but it shipped only in Win11.

    If you want to run apps such as the most recent version of Photoshop or Signal on your Arm PC, you need Windows 11 to do it. That’s annoying if you find the new Windows 11 user interface as frustrating as I do.

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