• Master Patch List as of July 11, 2023

    I’ve updated the Master Patch list for the July  Remember to always review the known issues we are tracking on the Master Patch List page. I will keep the latest info there.

    So far trending issues are:


    Windows 11 updates include fixes for gaming quality mice.

    Business side effects:

    If you have external email banners set up for Outlook clients that are suddenly missing after the last update to Outlook. try adjusting the colors .
    Manual registry keys have to be deployed to be fully patched. Testing the impact and will report back. I do not see this as a concern for consumers just potentially targeted businesses.

    I am recommending at this time that you install Apple updates, I’m not recommending Windows updates at this time. I’ll have more details in the newsletter on Monday.

    • Windows 11 22H2: Recommended
    • Windows 11 21H2: If you have a Windows 11 PC and are a gamer, recommended
    • Windows 10 22H2: Recommended
    • Apple Ventura – Recommended for newer hardware – as always check with the applications you rely on if they recommend this release.

    As always, thank you all for supporting the cause! Remember a donation will give you access and if you donate $50 or more you’ll get a special code to enable text messages sent to your phone each time the Master Patch List gets updated and when I change the MS-DEFCON level.